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Our Simply Natural Canada collection of bath and body accessories like loofahs, agave mitts, brushes, soap dishes, soap pouches etc. from our favourite sustainable brands

Bath and Body Accessories

Looking for some earth-friendly bath and shower accessories? We've got a lovely collection of sustainable cloths, mitts and gloves for gently exfoliating your skin, face and body brushes and wood soap trays as well as a line of zero waste crocheted items like shower puffs, facial scrubbies, soap socks etc.

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Save $3.00imperfect natural wood soap dish trayspine soap dish trays seconds
Slatted Wood Soap Dish Sale priceFrom $6.95 Regular price$9.95
Save $1.00sisal glove mitt for exfoliating
Sisal Glove Sale price$7.95 Regular price$8.95
Sold outSave $2.00croheted 100% cotton shower puffs made in canadaCrocheted Shower Puffs
Crocheted Shower Puffs Sale price$8.95 Regular price$10.95
old soul soap company natural canadian made essential oil soap and sayula agave mitt setsbrown sugar scrub old soul soap company soap and agave mitt set
Agave Mitt & Soap Set Sale price$21.95
individual loofah scrubber shown dry and what it looks like after being soaked in watersix pack of zero waste unbleached expandable loofah scrubbers
Loofah Scrubber Sale priceFrom $4.95
sitti pine and oak soap dishessitti soap dish in natural oak for keeping olive oil soap dry between uses
Sitti Soap Dish Sale priceFrom $12.95
Sold outOn salecanadian made large size soap saver sock in natural tonescrocheted soap saver pouch made in canada
Crocheted Soap Socks Sale priceFrom $7.95 Regular price$8.95
Loofah Shower Pad
Loofah Shower Pad Sale price$5.95
exfolitating glove shrinks to sizehandknit agave glove
Sayula Agave Glove Sale price$12.95
Save $2.00Make Nice Company square 3D printed dish soap bar trays made in Canada from plant-based materials available in white or blackSquare white 3D printed dish soap bar tray made in Canada by the Make Nice Company from plant-based materials
Dish Soap Trays Sale priceFrom $12.95 Regular price$14.95
buy sayula agave mitt in canadasayula agave mitt body polisher
Sayula Agave Mitt Sale price$12.95
These Goldrick Natural Living face brushes are available in to two styles - regular and round and are ethically handcrafted in the Black Forest of Germany.A bunch of Goldrick Natural Living wooden face brushes hanging beside a mirror
Face Brush Sale price$15.95
Sold outsquare sitti travel mini loofah sponge with rope hanger
Sitti Loofah Sponge Sale price$4.95
sisal and beechwood plantish medium firm dry body brush and bag setvegan plastic-free oval dry body brush and cotton bag
Dry Body Brush Sale price$24.95
Eucalyptus Spa Gift Basket
This Plantish self-drying soap dish is made of Diatomite (fossilized algae) which is a 100% renewable, plant-based materialThis plantish self drying soap dish is the perfect size for a Plantish dish soap brick, sold separately
Self-drying Soap Dish Sale price$16.95
sustainable home spa gift set with a sayula agave glove for gently exfoliating your skin, a foam sea sponge, a eucalyptus mint artisan vegan old soul company soap and a six pack of earth love eucalyptus shower melts in a brown cardboard gift box
Eucalyptus Spa Gift Box Sale price$34.95
This spa day gift box features three Canadian made products - white crocheted spa cloth, a handcrafted lavender n sage vegan soap and a spa day bath bomb from the Old Soul Soap Company
Spa Day Gift Box Sale price$21.95
Sold outcanadian made white spruce square Leslie and Webb Studio eco soap dish
White Spruce Soap Dish Sale price$7.95
Sold outThis free spirit gift box features three Canadian made products - white crocheted spa cloth, a handcrafted free spirit vegan soap and a free spirit bubble bomb from the Old Soul Soap Company
Free Spirit Gift Box Sale price$21.95
This sleep well gift box features three Canadian made products - white crocheted spa cloth, a handcrafted karma vegan soap and a sleep well bath bomb from the Old Soul Soap Company
Sleep Well Gift Box Sale price$21.95
Silicone Soap Tray
Silicone Soap Tray Sale price$10.95