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Bottle None Haircare - Be Bold

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Be Bold shampoo bar, conditioner bar for dry curly hair in a 3D printed travel kit by Bottle None
Be BOLD shampoo bar in a box for thick, dry, or curly hair made in Canada by Bottle Nonebe BOLD Curly or Dry Hair Shampoo Bar
Be BOLD conditoner bar in a box for thick, dry, or curly hair made in Canada by Bottle Nonebe BOLD Curly or Dry Hair Conditioner Bar
Canadian made white recycled plastic double travel case for Bottle None shampoo and conditioner barsWhite recycled plastic double travel case for bottle none shampoo and conditioner bars

Introducing the Be Bold hair care bar collection by the Canadian brand Bottle None for thick, coarse or curly hair.

We love the wild soul that makes you unique. Need a little extra moisture and shine?

We've got you, but don't worry you won't see any dimethicone in these Canadian made shampoo and conditioner bars. To get that extra hair shine these hair care bars use a natural replacement blended with conditioning marshmallow root and bilberry extract.

Good For The Planet

Liquid shampoo is roughly 85% water based, thickened with chemicals and preserved with chemicals. It goes into plastic bottles with plastic labels, creating unnecessary impact on the environment. These zero waste bars are changing the personal care industry.

  • Chemical-free formulations
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Soap dish and travel case are 3D printed from recycled Canadian plastic
  • 100% circular economy: you can send back your dish, the Bottle None Company will break it down and reprint it (this can be done up to 10 times!)

Good For Your Body

Made with all the good stuff, none of the bad stuff! Each bar replaces 2 - 3 bottles of traditional shampoo.

  • All-natural ingredients - only the good stuff!
  • PH balanced for your skin and hair
  • Vegan friendly and cruelty free
  • No SCS, SLS, Fragrance, Phthalates, dyes or other nasties