Two Canadian made plastic free dish soap bars in a 100 g rough top or 85 g flat top version handcrafted in small batches sitting beside a plant

Dish Soap Bar

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Lavender lime, unscented and citrus sunshine natural dish soap concentrate made in Canada by etee comes in box of 3 compostable beeswax pods
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Dish Soap Concentrate

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Vegan plastic free solid dish soap made in Canada by Plantish come in fresh citrus, minty mint and unscented 13 oz bricks as well as a 8 oz unscented bar option

Plantish Dish Soap Bars

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Bergamot lime essential oil scented natural dish soap in a 476 ml refillable glass pump bottle sits alongside a 3 L at home refill box both of which are made in Canada by The Bare Home company based in Ontario

Bergamot Lime Dish Soap

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Make Nice Company unscented solid dish soap bars made in Canada comes in two sizes 240 g and 660 g cubes

Unscented Solid Dish Soap

From $15.95

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