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canadian hand felted oval bar soap
canadian hand felted oval oatmeal and almond bar soap
Felted Oatmeal Almond Oval Soap
Simply Natural Canada

Felted Oatmeal Almond Oval Soap

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This SNC 'limited edition' curated oatmeal and almond oval soap (from another soap maker) is paraben free and sodium lauryl sulfate free. It lathers well, rinses clean and eliminates the need for a separate wash cloth.

If you enjoy the natural exfoliation of an oatmeal soap you'll love this hand felted bar that combines oat grains and almond essence. Indulge in this lightly fragrant soap that gently cleanses while it moisturizes leaving your skin soft and supple.

Felted with 100% wool, this bar is long lasting and easy to hold.

Why use felted soap?

It improves grip (no more slippery bars) and lasts longer than regular soap. It is also biodegradable and home compostable. Simply wet, lather, wash and squeeze dry.

Ingredients: sodium tallowate, aqua, sodium cocoate, glycerin, fragrance, oat kernel flour, sodium chloride, titanium dioxide, coconut acid, petrolatium, tetrasodium edta, pentasodium penteate, tetrasodium edtidornate, yellow 5, red 33

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