Bamboo Replacement Heads


Have an etee Electric Bamboo toothbrush? If so, and you need some bamboo replacement heads you're in the right place.

Great performance doesn’t have to cost the earth. That’s why etee (which stands for ‘Everything Touches Everything Else’) combined bamboo heads and castor bean oil bristles with a high tech clean and polish your would expect from a best in class electric toothbrush (sold separately).

Guess how long it takes for a typical electric toothbrush head to decompose - 100 years, 1000 years...? No one knows for certain but what we do know is that no plastic brush made to date has decomposed yet. And that’s too long.

The etee Bamboo head is fully compostable and it’s castor oil bristles are the most sustainable option today. To dispose of the used head, remove the bristles using a pair of pliers and compost the bamboo. The bristles are not commercially compostable but, fear not, the company is working on a solution. The replaceable heads take between six weeks and three months to breakdown entirely. 

The etee electric toothbrush handle, charging base and packaging are 100% recyclable and made with the best planet-loving practices available.


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