Bowl Bombs

Bowl Bombs Cleaning Tablets


Tired of scrubbing toilets on your hands and knees?

Sick of using toilet cleaning products loaded with chemicals?

Looking for an easy all natural to clean sinks, tubs and especially toilets?

Then look no further than Bowl Bombs: an all natural cleaning bomb in pretty little hearts and fresh essential oil scents like citrus mint, lavender mint and pine eucalyptus. Currently available in packages of 8 heart shapes.

The best part: it’s so easy you can get your kids, or other family members involved- maybe even willing to help with the cleaning!

Simply drop one or two cleaning bombs in your toilet bowl, let it fizz and then clean the interior and rim with a toilet brush.

These awesome little Bowl Bombs are also effective at cleaning sinks and tubs. Simply put the plug in and add a little hot water. Let the cleaning bomb dissolve and then finish up  with a brush or scrubby.

Made with a few simple ingredients and essential oils these little cleaning bombs can help  improve the ease of your natural cleaning routine.

Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, water and essential oils.

Use daily or as required.

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