Eco Pads by More Joy

$8.95 $10.95

Gotta love these colorful ecological pads made in Finland by More Joy OY.

These eco-friendly reusable facial pads are similar to the company's line of Swedish Dishcloths.

You have two options of Eco Pads. The first is a collection of 7 pads in a tin or a box of 12 in a single color - blue, purple, grey, pink, green, yellow, orange or white.

These handy little cleaning pads are ideal for removing make up, facial cleansing and applying creams.

The tin makes them perfect for both home storage as well as travel.

Please note: these handy cleansing pads also fit the regular LastRound cases.

Made of an absorbing natural Norwegian cellulose fiber these cleansing pads won't pill, they are machine washable (up to 90 degrees) and long lasting. They are also biodegradable and home compostable.

If using these Eco Pads to remove make up, simply moisten one pad with water or a natural cleansing product. Gently wipe your skin and eyelashes. Rinse after use. Eco Pads can be boiled bacteria free once a week.

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