Old Soul Soap Company

Face Collection Gift Sets

$29.95 $36.95

Looking for a Canadian made facial care set that's perfect for your morning and evening self care routine? If so, one of these Face Collection Gift Sets from the Old Soul Soap Company in Hanmer, Ontario is bound to be what you're looking for.

Simply select from one of these natural beauty Face Collection Gift Sets that is right for your skin type.

Combination/Oily Skin includes Charcoal Face Bar, Combination Cleansing Oil, Charcoal Mask, Blemish Buster

Normal Skin includes Fresh Face Bar, Normal Skin Cleansing Oil, Tumeric Face Mask, Blemish Buster

Dry Skin includes Fresh Face Bar, Dry Skin Cleansing Oil, Rose Clay Face Mask, Blemish Buster

These sets are plastic free and vegan friendly.

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