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Organic Soapberries - Trial Size


Keep your laundry routine simple, natural and unscented by using organic soap berries to wash your clothes.

Why use soap berries for washing your clothes?

The answer is simple. They are all natural little berries that are ideal for people with skin sensitives. They are eco-friendly, biodegradable, compostable, phosphate-free and cloth diaper friendly. They are also safe for use in HE washing machines.

We also sell Organic Soap Berry Kits (150 g)

Directions: Tie this trial size bag of 4 to 6 soap berries closed and place into the drum of your washing machine along with your laundry. Leave in for both wash and rinse cycles. For best results, use hot water for the wash cycle and cold water for the rinse. This bag of berries can be reused for up to 4-5 loads. Once gray and dull, the used berries can be composted.

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