The Leaf Razor Honey Bundle


Looking to swap out your plastic razor for a pivoting head metal razor? Now's your opportunity to grab The Leaf Razor Honey Bundle at a discount and feel the difference a quality safety razor with pivoting head can make.

The Leaf Shave company obsessively engineers the best razors on, and for Earth.

Everything about this innovative razor is designed to bring shaving plastic-free into the 21st century for any body, shaving anywhere.

The Leaf Razor Honey Bundle (limited edition) includes a pivoting head razor, matching razor stand, pack of 50 single edge blades and a metal tin for storing your used blades.

An accidental finish, raising funds for pollinators.

This particular 'honey' color was a complete accident but thankfully you and the pollinators can benefit.

You see, the Leaf Shave company were making some silver razors and they came out a little bit on the gold-ish side. The company then decided to put them away for a rainy day, and nothing says spring is here like rainy days and Earth Month.

Due to the company's mistake, they decided to sell their Honey Leaf razor at a discount and at Simply Natural Canada, we're passing along that discount to you in the form of The Leaf Razor Honey Bundle.

A $5 donation from every shaver bundle sold is going to @pollinatorpartnership to support their work. The honey finish is no longer available via Leaf Shave and will never be made again.

If you've been thinking about making this swap now's the time. You'll never get a bundle deal like this one again. We have a limited stock of The Leaf Razor Honey Bundles and once they're gone that's it.

Proprietary 3-blade design

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