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natural clean beauty products made by Canadian sustainable brands

Clean Beauty

Welcome to our curated collection of clean beauty products from sustainable brands. Discover natural beauty products and accessories from Canadian companies like Birch Babe, etee, Tanit Botanics, Plantish and Cheeks Ahoy.

Shop favourites like facial cleansers, reusable make up pads, moisturizers, lip balms, sunscreen, lip and cheek tint, mascara, body butter etc..


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On salePlastic free natural mascara kit available in brown or black made in Canada by Birch BabeCanadian made eco-friendly natural black or brown mascara in a tin and plastic free mascara wand
Plastic Free Mascara Sale priceFrom $9.95 Regular price$10.95
Save $6.00seven shades of  lip and cheek tint made in canada by birch babe in absolutely fabulous (pink), backcountry diva (medium red), fireside temptation (dark purpleish red), ruby rebel (ruby red), sunset seeker (orange red), vacation mode with sun protection (copper gold), and vintage rose (dusty pink) made by birch babe and sold in 20 ml glass jarsWoman wearing sunset seeker lip and cheek tint made in canada by birch babe
Lip and Cheek Tint Sale price$12.95 Regular price$18.95
Save $3.00old soul soap company make up remover stick
Eye Stick Sale price$5.95 Regular price$8.95
Sold outnatural soap to clean your make up brush
On saleA hand holding Last Object reusable and compostable LastRound makeup remover pads in black and white regular size and large white rounds in a black case made with recycled ocean plasticsLastRound black regular size reusable cotton rounds in a black case held in front of a display case of the same reusable makeup remover pads in boxes
LastRound Sale price$12.95 Regular price$19.95
Plantish bamboo charcoal reusable cotton facial pads by Plantish in an mesh organic cotton bag for launderingSet of four Plantish bamboo charcoal reusable make up remover pads in an mesh organic cotton bag for washing
Reusable Facial RoundsSuave reusable facial rounds from Cheeks Ahoy are made with washable cotton flannel and are a handy earth-friendly replacement, doing a better job and lasting through years of continued washing and come with an organic cotton mesh laundry bag.
Reusable Facial Rounds Sale price$24.95
Facial Rounds CaddyFacial Rounds Caddy
Facial Rounds Caddy Sale price$15.95
Sold outMade from 70% bamboo (OKEO-Tex100 standard) and 30% organic cotton this set of 8 Canadian made Cheeks Ahoy cleansing pads are 2 ply and approximately 3" diameter.
Bamboo Facial Rounds Sale price$14.95
Save $3.00man lathering up her face with a bar of Canadian made Birch Babe round facial gluten free oatmeal cleansing soapCanadian made Birch Babe facial cleansing vegan bar soap ideal for normal to sensitive skin and infused with either activated charcoal or crushed oatmeal
Facial Cleansing Bars Sale price$12.95 Regular price$15.95
Facial Cleanser ConcentrateSimply add 100 ml of drinking water to 40 ml of facial cleanser concentrate to make up your facial cleanser and then compost the pod packaging
Facial Cleanser Concentrate Sale priceFrom $13.95
Save $3.00Birch Babe face scrub is exfoliant packed with crushed apricot shells to remove dead skin and is infused with moisturizing oils like rosehip and shea leave your skin feeling nourishedNatural face scrub made in Canada by Birch Babe
Gentle Face Scrub Sale price$24.95 Regular price$27.95
Save $5.00women applying birch babe's 95% organic canadian made miscellar cleansing water with a bamboo charcoal reusable makeup remover pad  micellar cleaning water made in canada by birch babe comes in a 120 ml amber glass bottle
Micellar Cleansing Water Sale price$16.95 Regular price$21.95
Save $7.00Woman using birch babe's canadian made 94% organic restoring face toner with a reusable cotton make up removing padrestoring face toner in 100 ml amber glass bottle made by Birch Babe is 94% organic and crafted to balance your skins pH, calm inflammation while lightly moisturizing skin.
Restoring Face Toner Sale price$17.95 Regular price$24.95
Sold outSave $5.00birch babe canadian made facial serum in an 30 ml amber glass bottle is so packed with vitamins and nutrient-rich oils it's essentially food for your facePerfect for sensitive skin this birch babe natural glow face serum in a 30 ml amber glass dropper bottle won't clog pores and also helps with age spots, fine lines and evening skin tone
Natural Glow Face Serum Sale price$29.95 Regular price$34.95
Vitamin C is an antioxidant known to reduce dark spots & boost collagen. By combining this with their algae derived beta glucan & hyaluronic acid, this Canadian brand has formulated a restorative and hydrating treatment to help enhance your skin while it protects it.
Vitamin C Serum Sale price$49.95
This Canadian made facial moisturizer kit from etee includes a 42 ml moisturizer packaged in a backyard compostable pod and an empty jar that you can refill when empty.Daily Facial Moisturizer by from etee features  hyaluronic acid, Squalane and Euglena Gracilis (Algae derived beta glucan).
Daily Facial Moisturizer Sale priceFrom $6.95
Sold outchemist approved and perfect for normal to oily and sensitive skin this canadian made face cream will help with redness and breakouts while soothing and calming skinaward winning light, fast-absorbing hydrating face cream for day and night is made in canada by birch babe
red headed women with fair skin applying this natural face cream made in canada by birch babe canadian made rich and creamy face cream made by birch babe can be used in the morning under makeup, at night before bed, or to repair dry skin in the colder months
Rejuvenating Face Cream Sale price$37.95
Save $8.00luxurious all-over whipped body butter made in canada by birch babe nourishes, hydrates. and gives you an all-around dewy glow.canadian made whipped body butter comes in unscented as well as in woodsy jay, chantilly and warm vanilla essence blends
Whipped Body Butter Sale price$16.95 Regular price$24.95
Canadian made mineral suncreen with a broad spectrum spf 30 plus in fragrance free or coconutBirch Babe mineral suncreen in 100 g tin available in fragrance free or coconut
This Canadian made SPF 30 sunscreen starter kit includes a 42 ml amount of sunscreen in a biodegradable pod and an empty jar which you can save and refill.This Canadian made SPF 30 sunscreen will help shield yourself from harmful UVA and UVB rays while enjoying the nourishing benefits of plant butters and oils that work together to provide ultimate hydration.
Daily Facial Sunscreen Sale priceFrom $6.95
Save $3.00Moisturizing mineral sunscreen from Tanit Botanics in a 90 ml aluminum tube is made in Canada with mineral filters, precious organic oils and natural butters to protect and moisturize the skin safely, without any harm to marine life This Tanit Botanics suncreen is a lightweight SPF 30+ with broad-spectrum protection against UVA &UVB rays with 100% mineral filters as well as nourishing organic oils and butters, packed in an aluminum recyclable tube
Tanit Botanics Mineral Sunscreen Sale price$39.95 Regular price$42.95