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Our Curated Collection of Eco Goods from Canadian Brands

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Nature Bee Clean Foaming Hand Soap TabletsNature Bee Clean Foaming Hand Soap Tablets
Compostable eco sponge cloth made of cellulose and cotton with a wild forest on a white background replaces paper towel by absorbing 20x its weight in liquid. Size 20 x 17 cm
buy bird themed kattinatt swedish dishcloths in canadabuy cardinal kattinatt swedish dishcloth in canada
Change Toothpaste tablets in a spearmint flavour come in either a fluoride or fluoride-free option and are an earth-friendly way to care for your teeth. These Canadian-made tablets are just like regular toothpaste but without the waste. They come packaged in either a compostable 1 month (65 tablet) or 3 month tablet (195) pouch, a sample size (10 tablets) or in an aluminum travel tin of 25 tablets. spearmint change toothpaste tablets 65 1 month supply compostable packaging made in canada
On saleTwo Canadian made plastic free dish soap bars in a 100 g rough top or 85 g flat top version handcrafted in small batches sitting beside a plantcanadian made natural citrus flat top solid dish soap bar
Dish Soap Bar Sale priceFrom $6.95 Regular price$12.95
Route Package Protection
Route Package Protection Sale priceFrom $1.35
On saleone tru earth fresh linen laundry strip equals one loadLilac Breeze TruEarth ultra concentrated laundry detergent made in canada available in a zero waste pack of 32 eco strips
Tru Earth Eco Strips Laundry Detergent Sale priceFrom $16.95 Regular price$19.95
collection of fresh produce wet it cloths made in swedenred polka dots on yellow bunny wet it cloth made in sweden
Wet It! Swedish Cloths Sale priceFrom $8.95
natural vegan magnesium roll on deodorant made in canadaVegan Roll On Deodorant
Vegan Roll On Deodorant Sale priceFrom $8.95
large canadian made white, purple and pink 100 percent wool dryer balls sold individually or in a set of 3 in a cloth bagcanadian made wool dryer balls sold individually or in sets of three
Wool Dryer Balls Sale priceFrom $7.95
Made from plant-based PLA derived from organic corn starch, this floss is not only effective but also environmentally conscious. It is PTFE and BPA free, ensuring a safe and wholesome dental care experience. The floss is lightly waxed with candelilla for added strength, making it durable and efficient in removing food particles and plaque, ultimately contributing to cavity prevention.This premium quality floss is certified vegan and cruelty-free, aligning with your ethical choices. The fun and fruity Strawberry Bubblegum flavor add an exciting twist to your daily flossing routine, making it a delightful experience rather than a chore. The 30-meter spool provides long-lasting use, and refills are conveniently sold separately for your ongoing convenience.
New compostable bamboo toothbrush packagingallBambu Toothbrushes
allBambu Toothbrushes Sale priceFrom $7.95
eight natural essential oil room and linen sprays in a 100 ml amber glass bottles with black spray tops with a black and white paper label made in canada by simply natural canadaRoom and Linen Spray
36 canadian made earth love all natural toilet cleaner tablets in brown cardboard box63 canadian made earth love all natural toilet cleaner tablets in a brown cardboard box
Biodedgradable wooden kitchen brush with replaceable head can easily maneuver to wash the inside of your jars or other reusable drink containers. Replacement heads sold separately.The bristles of this replaceable head kitchen brush are made of Tampico (from the Agave plant) and the handle is made of beechwood and metal.
Dish Brush Sale priceFrom $6.95
Packaged in etee's very own (internally developed and manufactured in Toronto) backyard compostable pods and formulated without artificial foaming agents like SLS, this dish soap concentrate available in sets of 3 pods is best in class for washing your dishes and cleaning our waste dish soap concentrate beeswax pods by the canadian brand etee
Dish Soap Concentrate Sale priceFrom $9.45
canadian made liquid vegan deodorant refill bottle
Sold outRosemary Mint Bulk Shampoo & Body Bar
buy scrubEAZE cloth in canadascrubEAZE Scrubby Cloths
scrubEAZE Scrubby Cloths Sale priceFrom $4.95
cedarwood citrus vegan essential oil shampoo bar made in canada by simply natural canada
Lavender Chamomile Bulk Shampoo & Body Bar
Save $5.00imperfect natural wood soap dish trayspine soap dish trays seconds
Slatted Wood Soap Dish Sale priceFrom $7.95 Regular price$12.95
This Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm by the Old Soul Soap Company is Canadian made and naturally flavoured. It features a long lasting blend of oils and butters infused with calendula and chamomile in a push up cardboard tube.
Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm Sale price$7.95
three month supply 192 chewpaste fluoride toothpaste tablets in glass jar made by the canadian company etee
heart shaped eucalyptus spearmint shower steamer melts made in canada by simply natural canadasmall eucalyptus spearmint heart shower melts made in canada 3 pack
Shower Steamer Melts - Hearts Sale priceFrom $7.95
Myni all-purpose cleaner tablets offer toxic-free cleaning in a variety of scents - 'Nordeland' (Black Spruce), 'Zest Fest' (Lemon & Mint), 'Passion Punch' (Grapefruit & Mango), Frosted Fir. There is also and unscented option.all purpose cleaning concentrate tablets made in canada by myni and available unscented and in nordeland (black spruce), zest fest (lemon mint) and passion punch (grapefruit mango) scents in compostable pouches.
Set of 50 compostable flosser picks in a box made in canada by Change Toothpaste
Save $2.00lemongrass vegan shampoo bar made in canada by simply natural canadacanadian made vegan shampoo bar in travel tin
Lemongrass Bulk Shampoo & Body Bar Sale price$6.95 Regular price$8.95
Foaming hand soap concentrate made in Canada by myni comes in four options unscented, gin tonic (green tea and cucumber scent), funky mojito (lime and coriander scent) and frosted fir (for the holidays)Foaming hand soap concentrate made in Canada by myni comes in three options unscented, gin tonic (green tea and cucumber scent) and funky mojito (lime and coriander scent)
Canadian made fresh mint toothpaste tablets made with NHAP, tea tree and xylitol come packaged in a 45 g glass jar (124 tablets), 22g (62 tablets) or 45g (124 tablets) compostable pouches.Woman holding a single fresh made toothpaste tablet made in Canada by Tanit
red, grey and white david shaw designs swedish dish cloths available in canadaSwedish Dishcloths by David Shaw Designs
Two plastic free dental floss options from the Canadian brand etee - a glass tube with floss and 1 refill or a 2 pack floss refilletee plastic free mulberry silk dental floss in glass jar with extra refill spool
Plastic Free Dental Floss Sale priceFrom $16.95
Earth Love canadian made zero waste all natural dishwasher tablets in 12 pack, box of 75 or box of 120Earth love natural dishwasher tablets 12 pack in compostable packaging made in canada
Flower Garden Saffron and Succulent Garden Blue Artisan 85 Swedish Dishcloths green patterns on white artisan 85 swedish cloth
Leaf Razors are modern razors available in 7 finishes by Leaf Shave with a built-in pivoting heads and up to three blades for a better, more sustainable shave every timeThe Leaf Razor
The Leaf Razor Sale priceFrom $118.95
Nature Bee Clean multi-purpose spray cleaner tablets in three scent options - bergamot lime, sweet citrus and fresh lemon packaged in recyclable pouchesnature bee clean sweet citrus multi-purpose cleaning tablet in recyclable pouch
more joy solid color swedish cloths in pink orange green purple teal and greysolid color swedish cloths in pink orange green purple teal and grey made by more joy to replace paper towels and absortb 20x their weight
canadian made Earth Love eucalyptus shower melts in compostable packagingzero waste eucalyptus shower steamer melts made in canada 12 pack
Bathroom cleaning concentrate tablets made in canada by myni and available in unscented as well as scented options - Norderland (black spruce), Zest Fest (lemon mint), Passion Punch (grapefruit mango) and Frosted Fir scents in compostable pouchesBathroom cleaning concentrate tablets made in canada by myni and available in unscented as well as scented options - Norderland (black spruce), Zest Fest (lemon mint) and Passion Punch (grapefruit mango) scents in compostable pouches
This cardboard container of biodegradable Bamboo Cotton Swabs from The future is bamboo comes with 400 swabs which are perfect for your daily grooming needsRound reusable cardboard container of 400 bamboo cotton swabs by the Canadian brand The future is bamboo
Bamboo Cotton Swabs Sale price$7.95
Sold outMade in Canada in small batches this Simply Natural Canada 'Refresh' bath bomb features an essential oil blend of lemon, litsea cubeba, grapefruit, orange, geranium and tangerine essential oils.canadian made natural esential oil bath bomb pucks lavender as well as refresh, relaxation and serenity essential oil blends packaged in clear compostable cellophane
Bath Bomb Pucks Sale price$6.95
Biodegradable sisal soap saver bags for making the last of soap scraps and gently exfoliating your skinnatural biddegradable sisal soap pouch bag for gently exfoliating your skin, increasing soap lather and using up soap scraps
Sisal Soap Pouch Sale price$6.95
Limited edition simply natural canada round unscented vegetable glycern fish soap with a colorful vinyl fish inside packaged in a compostable bag and sold individually with either a green, orange, purple or blue fishYoung boy enjoying a round unscented vegetable glycerin soap with a orange vinyl fish embedded in it
Fish Bowl Soap Sale price$4.95
On salerecycable decorative paper tape in a pretty wild herb pattern in brown or cream made by Goldrick Natural LivingGoldrick Natural Living 25 mm brown recyclable paper tape printed with a wild herb pattern
Paper Tape Sale priceFrom $12.95 Regular price$16.95
Sold outcanadian made earth love natural laundry detergent tables in compostable packaging available in a 12 pack as well as 36 and 63 count brown cardboard boxescanadian made earth love natural laundry detergent labels in a 63 count compostable box
Beer shaving soap in a jar made in Canada by Simply Natural Canada comes in vanilla sandalwood, cedarwood citrus and citrus ginger (shaving brush sold separately)vanilla sandalwood beer shaving soap in a jar made in canada (shaving brush sold separately)
Save $2.00where to buy beer soap made in canada
Cedarwood Citrus Beer Soap Sale price$7.95 Regular price$9.95
Beer Bulk Shampoo & Body Bar

We proudly curate a collection of products from Canadian brands. Our best selling items are innovative, water-activated products like toothpaste and mouthwash tablets, foaming hand soap and cleaner tablets as well as personal care and household powders/concentrates you rehydrate with water.

Our goal is to simplify your journey toward a harmonious coexistence with the planet, one thoughtful choice at a time.