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 sherrie le masurier artisan soap maker based in ontario canada


Simply Natural Canada began as an artisan soap company borne out of my love for natural, handcrafted soap. As a consumer, I would tour the local farmer's markets and craft sales for products that appealed to my senses, and nurtured my body, and soul. 

In the spring of 2017, I decided to create my own homemade soap recipes thanks in large part to my daughter, who presented me with a soap-making kit the previous Christmas. 

Initially, I didn't envision my soap-making as a business, as I was already busy providing professional organizing, and lifestyle consulting services at the time. But given the fun I was having experimenting with ingredients and the various recipes I was creating – not to mention the considerable interest that was building for my natural products – I soon turned my new-found passion into a full-time business in November, of that year.

My passion evolved further as I slowly started replacing the various commercial products in our home, with products I crafted myself.

But here’s something that may surprise you: Simply Natural Canada is, for the most part, simply me – with occasional help from my husband.  Beyond the two of us, that’s it. There is no staff, or boardroom, or company car. Manufacturing occurs in a dedicated workspace in our home.

In reality, I’m that artisan you see under a tent at a craft show. I also believe in doing things well – including the Simply Natural Canada website, which I built myself and maintain when I’m not experimenting with recipes, creating my products, and shipping them out. Online, we may come across as a larger company.

But that’s not the case.

Yes, we could be bigger: the demand for my products would easily support the hiring of staff, moving to full manufacturing and having a dedicated marketing and shipping department. Many have suggested we should.

But I don’t want to. Put simply, I value the personal touch that comes with keeping things small. I value the chance to interact with my customers directly, as the person who proudly stands behind every product I make, and use personally. I value the ability to design, and make my products with the degree of care that might be lost on the assembly line.

And I value the capacity to source eco-friendly packaging without having to answer to someone telling us that plastic is cheaper, and the shareholders are looking for a better return on their investment…

I have always been environmentally-aware. But in recent years that awareness has evolved to commitment – thanks, in part to my friendship with Jessica Correa from Random Acts of Green. From serving as her mentor at the beginning of her journey, our friendship has grown into a mutual passion for everyday acts of environmental stewardship.    

This all serves as my mandate for Simply Natural Canada: to provide healthier, non-toxic and eco-friendly products to Canadian consumers seeking quality and value, while doing what we can to protect the earth.

However, we also need time to keep ourselves in balance, and there are only so many hours in a day – so if I take a week, or a weekend off here and there, please understand that I need the time to decompress. On occasion I may need an extra day or two, to get your order out. And I need to maintain my inventory, to make sure I have the products you need, when you need them.

I hope this peek inside Simply Natural Canada gives you some insight into my day, and my vision: small, simple and eco-friendly – with one-on-one personal service, from the ground up.

Simply natural…