buy bird themed kattinatt swedish dishcloths in canada
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Kattinatt Swedish Dishcloths

$5.95 $6.95
Two Canadian made plastic free dish soap bars in a 100 g rough top or 85 g flat top version handcrafted in small batches sitting beside a plant

Dish Soap Bar

From $11.95
collection of fresh produce wet it cloths made in sweden
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Wet It Cloths

$6.45 $6.95
Biodedgradable wooden kitchen brush with replaceable head can easily maneuver to wash the inside of your jars or other reusable drink containers. Replacement heads sold separately.

Dish Brush

From $6.95
Lavender lime, unscented and citrus sunshine natural dish soap concentrate made in Canada by etee comes in box of 3 compostable beeswax pods
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Dish Soap Concentrate

$5.95 $7.95
enviromentally friendly scrubby made in europe

scrubEAZE Scrubby Cloths

From $3.99
Earth Love canadian made zero waste all natural dishwasher tablets in 12 pack, box of 75 or box of 120

Earth Love Dishwasher Tablets

From $6.95
Biodegradable sisal soap saver bags for making the last of soap scraps and gently exfoliating your skin

Sisal Soap Pouch

red, grey and white david shaw designs swedish dish cloths available in canada
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Flower Garden Saffron and Succulent Garden Blue Artisan 85 Swedish Dishcloths
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Artisan 85 Swedish Cloths

$3.95 $6.95
maison soleil hand and soft bristle sustainble pot scrubber brushes

Pot Scrubber Brush

loofah dish washing sponges set of 5 by goldrick natural living
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Loofah Sponge

From $7.95
sisal glove mitt for exfoliating
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Sisal Glove

$7.95 $8.95
Summer MORE JOY Swedish Dishcloths
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Summer MORE JOY Swedish Dishcloths

$5.95 $6.95
Upcycled Green Glass Bottles
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Upcycled Green Glass Bottles

$6.95 $8.95
Dish soap concentrate  sold in sets of 3 beeswax pods and made in Canada by etee
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Vegan plastic free solid dish soap made in Canada by Plantish come in fresh citrus, minty mint and unscented 13 oz bricks as well as a 8 oz unscented bar option

Plantish Dish Soap Bars

From $14.95
individual loofah scrubber shown dry and what it looks like after being soaked in water

Loofah Scrubber

From $4.95
sisal cloth for exfoliating skin and washing dishes
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Sisal Cloth

$6.95 $7.95
Scrap solid dish soap cube 240 g made in Canada by the Make Nice Company

Scrap Solid Dish Soap

Make Nice Company unscented solid dish soap bars made in Canada comes in two sizes 240 g and 660 g cubes

Unscented Solid Dish Soap

From $15.95
square sitti travel mini loofah sponge with rope hanger
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