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handcrafted canadian made small batch natural essential vegan soap and refillable magnesium-based roll on deodorant in glass bottles


Sustainable Gift Ideas

Natural Deodorant

We carry a variety of deodorants from our line of vegan cream deodorant and magnesium based deodorant in refillable glass bottles to Active Humans spray deodorant in glass bottles and Old Soul Soap Company stick deodorant in compostable tubes.

Hair Care

Our collection of zero waste hair care products include our own unpackaged bulk and wrapped shampoo bars as well as other Canadian-made shampoo & conditioner bar combos Bottle None, Old Soul Soap Company and Nature's Aid

Oral Care

Looking to switch up your oral care routine? We've got some great zero waste options for you from plastic-free eco dental floss and bamboo toothbrushes from allBambu and etee to regular and fluoride toothpaste tablets from Change Toothpaste Tablets and etee to a stainless steel tongue cleaner and an organic mouthwash in a glass bottle from Birch Babe. We also stock etee's NEW electric toothbrush with replaceable bamboo head.

Eco Laundry

When it comes to zero-waste laundry products we're got you covered from TruEarth eco laundry strips, earth love laundry detergent tablets and organic soap berries to handcrafted laundry bars and wool dryer balls.

Where you'll find our products...

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More of what our customers have to say about our SNC crafted products

"I am so glad I ordered from your business... Especially since it's so close to home!

I ordered the Canadian Felted Soap on a whim for my boyfriend as his hands are always caked in dirt, grease, and all the other 'goodness' that comes with farm work. He had been using sunlight dish soap along with a plastic scrub brush to get all the dirt off his hands when his regular pumice soap wasn't cutting it. Unfortunately those always leave his hands visibly red, scratched and irritated. Not to mention, super dry! I was worried he would find the felted soap "too hippy dippy" (haha) but we are both blown away by how well it cleans his hands and how gentle it is.

We will definitely be ordering it again! Thank you from a very satisfied customer." 

- Celine Westcott

"I am very happy with my purchases and the fact that there was no plastic packaging when it arrived. It came really quickly too. Also very happy there’s no palm oil in your shampoo and deodorant that I bought. I will definitely be ordering more in the future. Very happy with the shampoo bar especially!" 

- Patti E.