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Earthly Almond Body BarEarthly Almond Body Bar
This carbon captured 130 g. activated charcoal based body bar in a box features fresh smelling oils like spearmint, tea tree and rosemary and is made in Canada by CleanO2.Great for detoxifying your skin, this Canadian made essential oil activated charcoal bar soap is made from potassium carbonate (captured carbon).
Eco Aloe Body BarEco Aloe Body Bar
Eco Aloe Body Bar Sale price$9.95
Renewable Rose Body BarRenewable Rose Body Bar
Renewable Rose Body Bar Sale price$9.95
Enviro Mint Body BarEnviro Mint Body Bar
Enviro Mint Body Bar Sale price$9.95
Sustainable Spice Body BarSustainable Spice Body Bar
Looking for an essential oil beer based body bar? If so, you may want to try this 130 g. Montane Meadow Body Bar in a zero waste box made in Canada by CleanO2. This montane meadow 130 g. carbon captured soap features woody and floral notes combined to make a rustic natural scent. It is made in Canada from potassium carbonate (captured carbon), beer, lavender, pine and geranium oils.
Montane Meadow Body Bar Sale price$8.95