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Check out our collection of eco-friendly toothpaste and plant-based flossfloss

Toothpaste and Dental Floss

Looking for some earth-friendly toothpaste and dental floss options from Canadian brands? We've got you covered with fluoride and fluoride-free toothpaste from Change Toothpaste, etee and Birch Babe.

Our collection of oral care products include toothpaste tablets in compostable pouches, travel tins and  glass jars as well as a tooth powder in a tin. We also have sustainable dental floss from allBambu, etee and Change Toothpaste. These plastic-free floss options include plant-based floss in glass tubes, refill packs and compostable flossers.

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canadian made change toothpaste tablets in compostable packaging made in canadabuy spearmint cinnamon bubblegum toothpaste tablets made in canada travel size1 month 3 month in compostable packaging
Change Toothpaste Tablets Sale priceFrom $3.95
where to buy biodegradable plant-based plastic free dental floss in canadarefillable plastic free dental floss
Eco Dental Floss Sale price$12.95
three month supply 192 chewpaste fluoride toothpaste tablets in glass jar made by the canadian company etee
Set of 50 compostable flosser picks in a box made in canada by Change Toothpaste
Canadian made fresh mint toothpaste tablets made with NHAP, tea tree and xylitol come packaged in a 45 g glass jar (124 tablets), 22g (62 tablets) or 45g (124 tablets) compostable pouches.Fresh mint activated charcoal toothpaste tablets  in a 45 g glass jar (124 tablets) made in Canada by Tanit
Three plastic free dental floss options from the Canadian brand etee - a stainless steel tube and floss,  a glass tube and floss or a 2 pack floss refillPlastic Free Dental Floss
Plastic Free Dental Floss Sale priceFrom $14.95
TANIT Strawberry Toothpaste TabletsTANIT Strawberry Toothpaste Tablets
On salenatural spearmint tooth powder in a 10 ml tin made in canada by Birch Babenatural spearmint tooth powder made in canada by Birch Babe
Tooth Powder Sale priceFrom $9.95 Regular price$10.95
Save $16.00Best Sellers Gift Box - Canadian Brands
Best Sellers Gift Box - Canadian Brands Sale price$99.95 Regular price$115.95
This Personal Care Bestsellers Gift Set, a curated collection of premium personal care essentials from top Canadian brands—myni, allBambu, Tanit Botanics, and the Old Soul Soap Company.
Packed with a variety of essential earth-friendly products from nine sustainable brands, it's the perfect gift for eco-conscious families who value quality, sustainability, and convenienceThis deluxe gift box is carefully curated gift box includes a shampoo bar, a conditioner bar, dish soap bar, loofah sponge slice, wooden soap dish, pot scrubber brush, toothpaste tablets, compostable flossers, a bamboo toothbrush, laundry strips, bathroom cleaning spray kit, foaming hand soap kit and a Swedish sponge clotht.
Each Canadian Dental Care Kit includes a 50 pack of compostable flossers, fresh mint mouthwash tablets (62 tablets), a replaceable head bamboo toothbrush and fluoride spearmint toothpaste tablets (65 tablets).
plastic free dental care kit in a gift box that includes a stainless steel tongue cleaner, spearmint change toothpaste travel tin and one month supply, a bamboo toothbrush and carrying case and eco dental floss in a glass tube
Spearmint Oral Care Kit Sale price$64.95