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Natural Loofahs

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Simply add water to this Plastish oval dishwashing loofah sponge set of 2 for it to expandoval loofah slice become a compostable loofah sponge when soaked in water
Loofah Dishwashing Sponge Sale priceFrom $3.95
Round Loofah SpongeRound Loofah Sponge
Round Loofah Sponge Sale price$3.95
individual loofah scrubber shown dry and what it looks like after being soaked in watersix pack of zero waste unbleached expandable loofah scrubbers
Loofah Scrubber Sale priceFrom $5.95
Loofah Shower Pad
Loofah Shower Pad Sale price$7.95
Biodegradable natural loofah sponge set of 3 starts off  dehydrated and expands in size - just add water!
Loofah Sponges Sale priceFrom $3.95

When it comes to gently exfoliating your skin or eco cleaning you can't beat biodegradable natural loofahs that expand into sponges and can be composted or buried in your garden at end of use.

Here's our curated collection of natural loofahs. We're sure you'll find a size and shape to find your needs.