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Canadian made mineral suncreen in a 115 g tin with a broad spectrum spf 30 plus in fragrance free or coconutCanadian made mineral suncreen with a broad spectrum spf 30 plus in fragrance free or coconut
This Canadian made SPF 30 sunscreen starter kit includes a 42 ml amount of sunscreen in a biodegradable pod and an empty jar which you can save and refill.This Canadian made SPF 30 sunscreen will help shield yourself from harmful UVA and UVB rays while enjoying the nourishing benefits of plant butters and oils that work together to provide ultimate hydration.
Daily Facial Sunscreen Sale priceFrom $4.95
Tanit Botanics Mineral SunscreenTanit Botanics Mineral Sunscreen
This After Sun Spray made in Canada by Tanit Botanics is an all-natural aloe after sun mist with a cooling combination of mint and lavender that quenches and resets the skin, leaving it feeling soothed and hydrated. It comes in a glass bottle with aluminum spray top and is Infused with premium-grade plant extracts, organic and 100% pure aloe vera.This 60 ml instant cooling after sun aloe mist  made in Canada by Tanit Botanics comes in a glass bottle with an aluminum sprayer
After Sun Mist Sale price$24.95
soothe skin with natural after sun balm made in canada by The Old Soul Soap Company
After Sun Balm Sale price$16.95
Introducing NATPAT Itch Relief Stickers for Kids by The Natural Patch Company.  These easy peel and stick itch relief patches offer fast acting itch relief for bites and stings. They are fun to wear and come in a resealable pouch of 30 colourful stickers! These itch relief patches start working in 30-60 seconds to relieve the itch, and can last for up to 7 days (and are completely waterproof).  Use one per mosquito bite or sting.
Introducing BUZZPATCH Mosquito Patches for Kids made by the Natural Patch Company (NATPAT) in a resealable pack of 24. These natural Mosquito Patches are a peel-and-stick mosquito repellent made with essential oils and they are fun to wear! BuzzPatch uses the most effective, but safe, essential oil combination designed to confuse mosquitoes and hide your kids from their senses.
canadian made outdoor balm 60 ml to help soothe bug bite
Bug Bite Balm Sale price$16.95
Happy Camper Outdoor SprayHappy Camper Outdoor Spray
Happy Camper Outdoor Spray Sale priceFrom $14.95
On saleCanadian made outdoor balm in a 60 ml cardboard tube to help keep the bugs at bay Keep pesky bugs away and enjoy nature in peace with this all-in-one Candian made Happy Camper Outdoor Balm in 20 ml and 80 ml cardboard tubes featuring long-lasting protection.
Happy Camper Outdoor Balm Sale priceFrom $6.95 Regular price$8.95
This handcrafted vegan soap (5.5oz) is ideal for nature lovers as it is loaded with essential oils that insects dislike. The scent is a pleasant mix of mint, lemongrass and citronella scent that is pleasing but not overpowering.
Happy Camper Soap Sale price$8.95
Natural calalmine soap for soothing bug bites poison ivy made in Canada by the Old Soul Soap Company
Calamine Artisan Soap Sale price$8.95
Say hello to your next adventure with the Happy Camper Collection! This essential set includes an outdoor spray - perfect for any outdoorsy soul who's ready to get outside and explore Enjoy your outdoor adventure without the worry - go forth and be a happy camper!
Happy Camper Collection Sale price$39.95

This collection of essential outdoor products from Canadian brand partners are good to have on hand whether you're camping or simply spending lots of time outdoors.