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Leaf Razors are modern razors available in 7 finishes by Leaf Shave with a built-in pivoting heads and up to three blades for a better, more sustainable shave every timeThe Leaf Razor
The Leaf Razor Sale priceFrom $118.95
Our collection of Leaf Shave Starter Kits include a pivoting head razor, leaf razor stand, pack of 50 single edge blades and a blade recycling tin and are available in 7 finishes prism, chrome, mercury, gold, silver, black and rose goldLeaf Razor Kits
Leaf Razor Kits Sale price$189.95
The Twig Razor - the universally loved single-edged sensitive skin razor available in prism, rose gold, black and silver finishesThe Twig Razor
The Twig Razor Sale price$89.95
This Leaf Shave starter kit features The Twig razor, a box of 50 single edge blades and a blade recycling tin in a variety of razor finishes rose gold, silver, black or prismThis Leaf Shave starter kit features The Twig razor in rose gold, a box of 50 single-edge blades and a blade recycling tin
Twig Razor Kits Sale price$149.95
Twig and Thorn CasesProtect your single-edge Twig Razor by Leaf Shave with The Twig Case 'neutral' while you move about with this custom hard-case.
Twig and Thorn Cases Sale price$31.95
Thorn Razor KitsThorn Razor Kits
Thorn Razor Kits Sale price$159.95
The Thorn RazorThe Thorn Razor
The Thorn Razor Sale price$89.95
chrome safety razor with olive wood handlereusable chrome and olive wood razor can be easily be taken apart for cleaning
Save $5.00The R1 is the perfect razor to get started with double-edge shaving. Set to the most popular Rockwell size (R1), the R1 provides an incredibly smooth shave for an unbelievable value.  This entry-level safety razor is sure to put you off cartridge razors for good so that you can finally get an excellent shave at an incredible value.
Rockwell R1 Double Edge Safety Razor Sale price$29.95 Regular price$34.95
Looking to swap out your plastic razor for a quality razor that will stand the test of time? Our curated collection of safety razors features quality razors from Leaf Shave, Rockwell and Goldrick Natural Living.