Goldrick Natural Living

Reusable Olive Wood Razor


Looking to make the switch to a reusable razor? This safety razor is a once in a lifetime purchase which is easy to use and offers a clean, close shave. 

Crafted by Goldrick Natural Living this beautifully shaped olive wood razor features interesting grain patterns. Olive wood is a very durable wood that is hard, dense and resists odors and stains better than other types of wood.

This wood handled razor is designed to last you many years, you will only need to replace the blades. 

  • Material: Polished Chrome & Olive wood
  • Razor comes with one complimentary blade in the box
  • Razor will give you that perfectly smooth and close shave you have always wanted while also preventing ingrown hairs and irritated skin. The razor is suitable for both men and women and easy to use all over your body - head to toe! 

Switching to a safety razor, saves money and so much unnecessary plastic waste and gives the smoothest shave whilst being sustainable!

The quality of the shave you get with a safety razor is incredible and once you get used to it you will wonder why you didn't switch before! 

How to change the blade:

Included with this razor is one blade but you can buy replacement packs of blades.

  1. Unscrew handle
  2. Remove the top part of the razor
  3. Slot in the new blade
  4. Screw back together
  5. Make sure the grooved part of the top of the razor is facing up!

How to use the razor:

  1. Don't apply force when shaving - These are heavier than a normal razor so you really just need the lightest touch
  2. Angle correctly - This will take some getting used to but use trial & error to make sure the hair is being cut, when you get it right you'll have the smoothest shave ever!
  3. Use a good shaving soap - This will stop any shaving rash as you need to give a good barrier for the blade to glide!

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