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SNC Gift Sets

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SNC Soap Gift Sets
SNC Soap Gift Sets Sale price$16.95
This Simply Natural Canada household gift basket full of products from Canadian sustainable brands includes a set of 3 dryer balls, laundry tablets, scouring brush, powder to gel dish soap, a Swedish  dish cloth, washing machine cleaner, dishwasher tablets, toilet cleaner tablets, lavender room and linen spray, laundry stain bar, pot scrubber brush, dish soap bar and wooden soap dish in a fabric lined black wire basket
SNC Household Gift Basket Sale price$169.95
This SNC Cranberry Soap Trio features three of our most popular seasonal oval soaps - White Cranberry, Cranberry Blush and Cranberry Orange in a gift box.
SNC Cranberry Soap Trio Sale price$21.95
Canadian made simply natural canada handcrafted bergmot lime essential oil vegan beer soap shampoo bar and natural deodorant gift set with a birch tree themed Swedish cloth
Bergamot Lime Gift Set Sale price$39.95
Looking for a unique seasonal gift? This SNC Cranberry Gift Box features three of our most popular seasonal soaps - White Cranberry Wine Soap, Cranberry Orange Cider Soap,  Cranberry Blush Wine Soap and self-draining silicone soap tray from The Bare Home. It all comes packed in a gift box.
SNC Cranberry Gift Box Sale price$39.95
Apple Cider Gift Box
Apple Cider Gift Box Sale price$34.95
SNC Apple Gift Box
SNC Apple Gift Box Sale price$39.95
SNC Apple Soap Trio
SNC Apple Soap Trio Sale price$21.95
SNC Soap Duo
SNC Soap Duo Sale price$16.95

Looking for a handcrafted gift set that features SNC natural products like our fragrance free or essential oil soaps, shampoo bars, refillable deodorants?

If so, please check out our collection of SNC gift sets. There are more Simply Natural Canada gift set options coming.

In the meantime, You may also want to check out our Gift Sets page to see all the gift options we offer from the sustainable brands we can carry.