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Canadian made Tanit Botanics Tanitabs oral care tablets in 2 month (124 tabs) reusable glass 45 g jars as well as 22 g and 45 g compostable pouches

TANIT Oral Care

We're excited to partner with the Canadian brand TANIT to offer you toothpaste and mouthwash tablets made in Montreal, Quebec.

TANITABS Toothpaste Tablets include Fresh Mint, Mint Charcoal and Strawberry. The Mouthwash Tablets come in Fresh Mint. 

We offer these Canadian made oral care tablets in 2 month (124 tabs) reusable glass 45 g jars as well as 22 g and 45 g compostable pouches.

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Canadian made fresh mint toothpaste tablets made with NHAP, tea tree and xylitol come packaged in a 45 g glass jar (124 tablets), 22g (62 tablets) or 45g (124 tablets) compostable pouches.Fresh mint activated charcoal toothpaste tablets  in a 45 g glass jar (124 tablets) made in Canada by Tanit
TANIT Mouthwash TabletsTANIT Mouthwash Tablets
TANIT Mouthwash Tablets Sale priceFrom $12.95
TANIT Strawberry Toothpaste TabletsTANIT Strawberry Toothpaste Tablets
Each Canadian Dental Care Kit includes a 50 pack of compostable flossers, fresh mint mouthwash tablets (62 tablets), a replaceable head bamboo toothbrush and fluoride spearmint toothpaste tablets (65 tablets).
Introducing the Tanit Oral Care Kit – your gateway to sustainable and eco-friendly dental hygiene. This thoughtfully curated kit brings together four essential dental care items from renowned Canadian brands Tanit Botanics and The Future is Bamboo, ensuring a zero-waste approach to oral health.Make a positive impact on the environment while prioritizing your oral health with the Tanit Oral Care Kit. Elevate your dental routine with these sustainable alternatives, packaged in individual compostable packaging inside a brown Kraft gift box.
Tanit Oral Care Kit Sale price$42.95
Introducing our Charcoal Dental Care Kit – a comprehensive earth-friendly solution for a healthier, brighter smile. This thoughtfully curated kit features four of our best-selling oral care items, each designed to elevate your dental hygiene routine.Included in this eco oral care kit is a soft charcoal bamboo toothbrush from The future is bamboo, a charcoal eco dental floss in a glass tube from allBambu, a glass jar of Tanitabs 124 fresh mint with charcoal toothpaste tablets from Tanit Botanics and a Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner from Clean Planeterra
Charcoal Dental Care Kit Sale price$59.95