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Vegan Shampoo Bars

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canadian made citrus ginger vegan shampoo
This Canadian made Cedarwood Citrus 3 in 1 Bar is essentially your shampoo, shave and body soap rolled into one.This 2.5 inch round vegan beer shampoo shave and body bar handcrafted in small batches lathers well, gently cleanses and rinses clean
tin for snc shampoo barshampoo bar accessory tin

Our SNC collection of handcrafted vegan shampoo bars is growing. We currently offer the following varieties - apple cider,  cedarwood citrus, cedar sage, citrus ginger, floral sage, lavender chamomile and rosemary mint.

We also have unwrapped bulk shampoo bars in a slightly smaller size as well as vegetable glycerin shampoo and shave bars..