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Crocheted Water Balloons

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Looking for an eco-friendly way to enjoy water balloon play without leaving bits of latex all over the grass?

Available in biodegradable 100% cotton or recycled polyester, these colorful crocheted water balloons (handmade by Elizabeth, a local maker) are a good way for kids to cool down this summer.

You can now say goodbye to the hassle of filling water balloons and cleaning up after them by enjoying the benefits of reusable crocheted water balloons.

These balloons are stuffed with 100% cotton for enhanced performance.

*They don't pose as a choking hazard.

*Made with earth-friendly yarn (The balloons made of 100% cotton are zero waste as they can be composted or buried in your garden at end of use.) 

                                                                                                                                *Easy to clean. Just hose them off. If need be, they are machine washable but are best air dried.

*They are quick dry and reusable (Simply squeeze and either hang or lay in the sunshine to dry.)

Both cotton and polyester yarn absorbs well and holds more water than other yarns. The result is a good splash of water on your opponent.

Directions: Simply immerse the crocheted balloons in water (pails sold separately) and then start tossing them. They hold almost as much water as traditional water balloons.

You may not get as wet with this type of water balloons but you can still have as much fun!

It's also probably a wise idea to set some ground rules e.g. don't throw them too hard and aim for below the shoulders.

Interested in learning more check out these videos...

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sustainably fun!

Can't wait to send these to my little cousin. Pleased that there will be no little bits of plastic balloon lying around for her little brother to pop into his mouth. Good for bathtime play as well.

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