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Earth Love Toilet Cleaner Tablets


Looking for an all natural way to clean your toilets? These Canadian made natural toilet cleaning tablets made by Earth Love are simple and easy to use. Simply drop one in your toilet bowl and then 'brush and flush'.

We're now excited to offer the zero waste toilet cleaner tablets in packages of 12. The packaging is 100% compostable.

Directions: Drop tablet into toilet at front of bowl. Wait until dissolved. Scrub with toilet brush and flush. Drop 1-2 tabs in per week to keep toilet fresh and clean.

Ingredients: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Peppermint Essential Oil

These toilet cleaner tablets are compatible with septic systems.

Need a good toilet cleaning brush? We have two sustainable options - a coconut husk scouring brush or a long handled sisal toilet brush

***Please note, these toilet cleaning tablets are not intentionally scented. Peppermint essential oil is used only for its antibacterial properties.***


I am extremely pleased with the Earth Love products (dishwasher and toilet bowl tablets).  They both work much better than expected and I think they are reasonably priced.  I have already recommended the products to co-workers.  Will definitely be purchasing again.

- Monique McStravick

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Gwen Parkes
great little tablet

Because we are scent sensitive and on a septic system, I find these little tablets do a good job of keeping the toilet bowls clean. I use them between thorough cleanings with another septic safe product and like that they don't harm the environment.

Danica Hubacheck
Not a bad product

I ordered this product hoping for a Canadian alternative to Blue Land. Unfortunately, it is really not even close to as good.

clean and green

I love the simplicity of these tablets, and that they are plastic free and Canadian Made. My only regret is that I pop them into the toilet tank, get distracted while they are fizzing, and then forget to brush the bowl :)

Easy and practical

Love them. They are easy and so practical to use!

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