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sustainable home spa gift set with a sayula agave glove for gently exfoliating your skin, a foam sea sponge, a eucalyptus mint artisan vegan old soul company soap and a six pack of earth love eucalyptus shower melts in a brown cardboard gift box
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Eucalyptus Spa Gift Box

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Nothing says relaxation more than a spa day. This eucalyptus spa gift box gives you a spa like experience anytime.

Included in this gift set is an eucalyptus artisan soap from The Old Soul Soap Company, a package of six eucalyptus shower melts from Earth Love as well as a foam sea sponge and biodegradable Sayula agave glove that gently exfoliates your skin (and shrinks to the size of your hand when wet).

Purchasing this as a gift set saves you on the total cost of purchasing these items individually @ $34.80.

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