Loofie Scrubber


Ditch your plastic yellow and green sponge at last! This plastic-free Loofie Scrubber (affectionately known as 'Loofie') from etee is a combination of the gentle scrubbing power of the fibrous loofah plant and the spongy cellulose-cotton cellulose dishcloth. They're even sewn together using cotton thread (rather than the all too commonly used polyester thread) which makes for reusable and biodegradable dish cleaning with absolutely no plastic. Approx. size 3 x 5 inches.


Use your new etee Loofie Scrubber in the same way you'd use your old green & blue plastic sponge (but without the plastic!). The loofah side is an amazing scrubber - but it won't scratch your dishes! The cellulose side is good for wiping up messy dishes and cleaning more delicate dishes. Loofies can do more than clean dishes - try using one to help scrub the sink & tub, just like your old plastic sponge would!

Care Tips:

To keep your Loofie clean you can put a damp one into the microwave for 10 seconds, or lay it onto the top rack of your dishwasher for a cycle. Washing machines or clothes dryers are not recommended.

Change your Loofie every 3 to 5 weeks, depending on usage.


When you're done with it, since it's fully biodegradable, you can compost or bury it the garden. Loofie will decompose within a month :).


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