Myni Reusable Spray Bottles


Looking for some myni reusable spray bottles to add to your collection of 750 ml wheat straw spray bottles? If so, you'll love the variety of colors available - teal, mint green, dark green, light blue and dark blue. (Filo has recently rebranded as myni.)

This is the first collection of spray bottles made from natural wheat straw. It's a simple alternative to plastic! These Canadian made bottles are durable yet biodegradable at the end of their  life.

They also reduce the environmental impact of cleaning products, delivering a natural and sustainable cleaning solution that keeps your family healthy and free from harsh chemicals.

Each refillable bottle comes with a complimentary cleaning tablet sample in each box.


  1. Fill the 750 ml spray bottle with water

  2. Drop 1 tablet in the bottle

  3. Wait for complete dissolution


 For the complete line up of myni products we carry please visit our Myni Cleaners page.


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