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Article: Top 5 Reasons to Participate in Plastic-Free July

This July, I am pledging to refuse single-use plastic drink bottles

Top 5 Reasons to Participate in Plastic-Free July

You know what they say – if we’re not part of the solution, we’re part of the

This July, millions of people worldwide have pledged to reduce their plastic
waste by choosing to refuse single-use plastic, which admittedly is
everywhere. Plastic is easy. Plastic is convenient. Plastic is disposable.
And…plastic it’s a problem. At Simply Natural Canada, we believe in the
power of small changes to eradicate that problem, together.

Care to join us?

Here are the top five reasons to participate in Plastic-Free July.

1. Combat Environmental Pollution

Single-use plastics are a significant environmental issue, contributing to
pollution and harming wildlife. Plastic waste often ends up in our oceans,
rivers and landscapes, posing threats to marine and terrestrial life. By
pledging to reduce our use of single-use plastics, we collectively contribute
to cleaner streets, healthier oceans, and more beautiful communities. Every
small change we make helps to combat environmental pollution, and
preserve our planet for our kids, grandkids and great-grandchildren.

2. Protect Wildlife

Plastic pollution affects wildlife in devastating ways. Animals often mistake
plastic for food, which can lead to ingestion and entanglement, causing
injury or death. By refusing single-use plastics, we reduce the amount of
plastic waste that becomes exposed to wildlife. This simple action can help
protect marine creatures such as turtles, birds and fish, ensuring they thrive
in their natural habitats.

3. Preserve Resources, while Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Merely producing single-use plastics in the first place consumes significant
amounts of fossil fuels and energy, contributing to greenhouse gas
emissions and climate change. By choosing reusable alternatives, we help
conserve resources and reduce our carbon footprint. Opting for a reusable
water bottle instead of buying plastic bottles reduces the demand for new
plastic production, and the associated environmental impact.

4. Foster Sustainable Habits

Participating in Plastic-Free July encourages us to develop sustainable
habits that can last a lifetime. Simple swaps, such as reusable containers
instead of plastic wrap, or bringing our own cup for coffee, can become
new routines. These habits not only reduce plastic waste but also promote
a more sustainable lifestyle. Small steps like these, can lead to significant
change over time, making a big difference in the fight against plastic

5. Join a Global Movement

Plastic-Free July has gone global, with millions of participants from over
190 countries. By taking the pledge, we become part of a worldwide
community committed to reducing plastic waste. This collective effort has
already reduced an astonishing 10 billion kilograms of household waste
over the past five years. Joining the movement amplifies our impact and
connects us with like-minded individuals who share our commitment to a
cleaner, healthier planet.

Want to Get Started?

It's easy. Simply choose one, single-use plastic item to avoid – or take the
pledge to avoid single-use cups, plastic drink bottles, or plastic food wrap

Here are a few tips:

• Refill reusable water bottles from the tap, instead of buying plastic

• Bring a reusable cup for coffee, or take the opportunity to sit and
enjoy a beverage in a real cup.

• Switch from plastic wrap, to reusable containers or wax wraps. And, say no to those plastic takeout containers by bringing your own containers to the restaurant for leftovers.

At Simply Natural Canada (SNC), we're passionate about helping people
make sustainable choices. We offer an array of sustainable personal care
and household cleaning products to support their journey towards a plastic-
free home. Let’s commit to one small action, and swap one of our everyday
cleaning products for a more earth-friendly, plastic-free alternative.

Whether you're a beginner looking for a few single-use plastics to avoid, or
ready to take the next steps, we hope to inspire with great alternatives that
can become lifelong habits. Together, we can make a significant impact.

Join us this July, and consider taking the pledge to reduce plastic waste.
Small steps, big difference!
For more sustainable living tips and eco-friendly products, visit Simply
Natural Canada’s website and join our community dedicated to a healthier,
plastic-free future.

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