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Article: 5 Easy Plastic-Free Cleaning Swaps

A bathroom cleaner concentrate tablet by Nature Bee in a eucalyptus mint scent.

5 Easy Plastic-Free Cleaning Swaps

Looking to up your plastic-free game? Consider swapping out one of your everyday cleaning products for a more sustainable option - such as re-purposing an empty spray cleaner bottle with a tablet concentrate mixed with water. Repeat that strategy and you’ve potentially diverted countless plastic bottles from landfill. At Simply Natural Canada, we offer a variety of non-toxic concentrates in compostable packaging, and effective for a variety of cleaning jobs.

Here are five easy swaps to get you started:

  1. Spray Cleaner Tablets

Brands like Myni and Nature Bee offer innovative spray cleaner concentrated tablets in compostable packaging. Just add water to an existing spray bottle, drop in a tablet and you’re ready to go—no plastic waste involved!

  1. Toilet Cleaner Tablets or Powders

Earth Love or Myni toilet cleaner tablets, or a versatile probiotic toilet cleaning powder by etee are all easy to use, effective, and come in sustainable, plastic-free packaging.

  1. Eco Laundry Sheets and Powders

You can’t avoid the laundry, but you can avoid plastics and make laundry day eco-friendly at the same time with plastic-free options such Good Juju and Truearth’s eco laundry sheets. Additionally, brands like Revolubar Home, Myni, and etee offer laundry tablets and powders that are remarkably effective and come in plastic-free packaging. Keep your clothes clean, and our planet green!

  1. Dishwasher Detergent Powders and Tablets

These come in compostable or recyclable packaging from etee, Revolubar Home, Myni, Earth Love and Nature Bee. It’s okay to say NO to plastic-wrapped pods, and YES to a cleaner kitchen, and environment.

  1. Dish Soap Bars and Concentrates

Solid dish soap bars from the Make Nice Company, Plantish or The Bare Home are an excellent alternative to liquid soap in plastic bottles. For one, they last longer – and come in minimal packaging. Dish soap concentrates (liquid or powder) added to water to from brands like etee or Nature Bee are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and refill an empty dish soap bottle, instead of recycling it.

You may also want to consider ridding your home of plastic cleaning tools for more sustainable options like:

Kitchen Brushes with Replaceable Heads: Reduce waste by only replacing the brush head!

Compostable Sponges and Loofahs: These break down naturally and don’t contribute to plastic waste.

Swedish Dishcloths: Reusable and colourful sponge cloths are highly absorbent and biodegradable. No more paper towels!

Join Us in Making a Difference

By making these small, yet achievable changes, you’re not only helping the planet but also ensuring a healthier home environment. At Simply Natural Canada, we’re here to support you with a range of products that make it easy to go plastic-free. Join us in our mission to reduce plastic waste and make your home a cleaner, greener place!

Let’s make this Plastic-Free July the start of lasting change, towards a more sustainable future.


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