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Bulk Shampoo Bars

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This collection of SNC shampoo bars is ideal for both hair and body. We also offer a variety of vegetable glycerin shave and shampoo bars and other wrapped shampoo bars in a larger size.

Available unscented and lightly fragrant, these moisturizing all-in-one shampoo bars offer a good lather. SLS free and all natural, these shampoo and body bars are great for travelling, camping, going to the gym as well as everyday use.



What our customers have to say...

"I’m a repeat customer because I so enjoyed your shampoo bars. It lets me use a natural product, reduce plastic use, and it even declutters my shower. So win win win! Lightly scented is a bonus."

- Margaret Willis


Key ingredients include aloe vera gel for its moisturizing properties and castor oil which leaves your hair feeling soft. 

For best results, wet hair and rub the bar on your hair until it lathers. Work into a lather with your fingers and rinse.