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Dish Soap Bars

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On saleTwo Canadian made plastic free dish soap bars in a 100 g rough top or 85 g flat top version handcrafted in small batches sitting beside a plantcanadian made natural citrus flat top solid dish soap bar
Dish Soap Bar Sale priceFrom $6.95 Regular price$12.95
On saleVegan plastic free solid dish soap made in Canada by Plantish come in fresh citrus, minty mint and unscented 13 oz bricks as well as a 8 oz unscented bar optionThis Canadian made solid dish soap bar is gentle on the hands, it cuts grease effectively and pairs perfectly with dishcloths, loofahs, and natural bristle brushes. It is also a powerful stain remover for any oil and stain on fabrics such as sponge cloths and produce bags
Plantish Dish Soap Bars Sale priceFrom $14.95 Regular price$16.95
Make Nice Company unscented solid dish soap bars made in Canada comes in two sizes 240 g and 660 g cubesActivated charcoal solid dish soap cube 240 g made in Canada by the Make Nice Company
Unscented Solid Dish Soap Sale priceFrom $15.95
Activated charcoal solid dish soap cube 240 g made in Canada by the Make Nice Company
Charcoal Solid Dish Soap Sale price$15.95
Scrap solid dish soap cube 240 g made in Canada by the Make Nice Company
Mint and eucalyptus solid dish soap cube 240 g made in Canada by the Make Nice Company
Citrus solid dish soap cube 240 g made in Canada by Make Nice Company
Citrus Solid Dish Soap Sale price$18.95
These Canadian made 240 g solid dish soap and pot scrubber sets by the Make Nice Company come in unscented regular, scrap and charcoalUnscented solid dish soap cube with pot scrubber brush made in Canada by the Make Nice Company
make nice company canadian made dish soap bars and zero waste dish brush sets in three unscented varieties plain, charcoal and scrapUnscented solid dish soap cube with replaceable head dish brush made in Canada by the Make Nice Company
Dish Soap Brush Kit Sale price$24.95
Save $10.00Looking to go more earth-friendly in your kitchen? This zero waste kitchen starter set features a 12 pack of Earth Love Dishwasher Tablets, SNC dish soap bar, wooden soap dish, small round dish scrubber and a Loofie kitchen scrubber from etee packed in a gift box.
Zero Waste Kitchen Starter Set Sale price$24.95 Regular price$34.95
The plant powered suds in this solid dish soap grapefruit and orange dish soap made in canada by the bare home are tough enough to cut stubborn grease and baked on food.
Solid Dish Soap Sale price$23.95
Packed with a variety of essential earth-friendly products from nine sustainable brands, it's the perfect gift for eco-conscious families who value quality, sustainability, and convenienceThis deluxe gift box is carefully curated gift box includes a shampoo bar, a conditioner bar, dish soap bar, loofah sponge slice, wooden soap dish, pot scrubber brush, toothpaste tablets, compostable flossers, a bamboo toothbrush, laundry strips, bathroom cleaning spray kit, foaming hand soap kit and a Swedish sponge clotht.
This Simply Natural Canada household gift basket full of products from Canadian sustainable brands includes a set of 3 dryer balls, laundry tablets, scouring brush, powder to gel dish soap, a Swedish  dish cloth, washing machine cleaner, dishwasher tablets, toilet cleaner tablets, lavender room and linen spray, laundry stain bar, pot scrubber brush, dish soap bar and wooden soap dish in a fabric lined black wire basket
SNC Household Gift Basket Sale price$169.95
Looking for a good Canadian made dish soap bar? We've got your covered with our SNC handcrafted flat and rough top solid dish soap bars as well as other dish block options from Canadian brands like Plantish, Make Nice Company and The Bare Home.