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cedar fir vegan wine soap made in canada
canadian made cedar fir essential oil handcrafted wine soap
handcrafted christmas soap made in canada
Simply Natural Canada

Cedar Fir Wine Soap

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Our SNC cedar and fir blend is a woodsy wine soap with the fresh, crisp scent of cedar and fir. It is made from Kawartha Country Wines apple wine.

This handcrafted natural essential oil vegan soap is also available in a felted version as well as a soap and loofah set.

Ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut milk, apple wine (from Kawartha Country Wines), castor oil, sodium hydroxide, stinging nettle, cedar leaf and fir essential oils

This scent can be also purchased separately as a 'soap and loofah set'. The loofah slice in gift set can be used as a soap tray or soaked in water and used as a scrubby/sponge.

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