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Foaming Heart Bath Bombs


Our SNC foaming heart bath bombs make a great 'thinking of you' self-care gift and are a wonderful way to relax and unwind in a scented bubble bath.

Currently available in a set of three large hearts or as single heart-shaped foaming bath bomb in a 'rose'  essential oil scent accented with rose petals.

We also have a limited supply of our 'Broken Hearts Collection' jars which contains a minimum of 7 chipped foaming heart bath bombs.

Each heart-shaped bath bomb (single or set) is wrapped in clear home-compostable celluose.

Activate by unwrapping the bath bomb(s) and tossing in your warm bath water.

Ingredients - baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, rose petals (for coloring and decoration), sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (made from coconut oil), witch hazel, natural rose fragrance oil

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Heartfelt gift

I sent them to a friend who had (cancer) breast surgery in Germany last week. So, I won’t know until she is feeling better.

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