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Heart Bath Bombs

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Our SNC heart bath bombs make a great 'thinking of you' self-care gift and are a wonderful way to relax and unwind in a naturally scented floral bath.

Currently available in small hearts, large hearts or as single heart bath bomb in a 'rose geranium' essential oil scent accented with rose petals.

Each heart-shaped bath bomb (single or set) is wrapped in clear home-compostable celluose. You have the option of buying a set of three, a single bath bomb or a single one also packaged in reusable nylon mesh bag to contain the rose petals.

Mesh bags are also sold separately.

The mesh bag can later be used for another bath bomb or as a soap bag (which increases both soap lather and is a good way to keep slivers of soap from going down the drain).

Activate by unwrapping the bath bomb(s) and placing it back in the mesh bag which can then hang on the faucet while filling the tub or simply toss the bath bomb in the water (in or out of the bag).     

Rose Geranium - baking soda, corn starch, citric acid, epsom salt, witch hazel, rose petals, rose and geranium essential oils

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