Myni Hand Soap Foamer Bottles - Wheat Straw


Need a pump bottle for your foaming hand soap? If so, you're bound to love these Myni Hand Soap Foamer Bottles. These reusable foaming soap bottles by the Quebec based company are made of wheat straw bottles (durability without compromising end-of-life biodegradability.)

These bottles and the complimentary foaming hand soap tablet they come with help reduce the environmental impact of cleaning products, delivering a natural and sustainable solution that keeps your family healthy and free from harsh chemicals.

Each hand soap bottle comes with one 'unscented' complimentary foaming hand soap tablet.


*No parabens

*No artificial colors

*No water (you supply your own)


1. Fill your 500 ml foaming bottle with water.

2. Insert your hand soap tablet.

3. Close your bottle before use.

Compost the package after use.


Sodium coco sulfate, Sodium bicarbonate, Citric acid, Sodium benzoate, Sorbate potassium


Need some more foaming hand soap concentrate? We offer Myni foaming hand soap tablets in 'Funky Mojito' (formerly Filo's Lime & Cilantro) and 'Gin Tonic' (formerly Filo's, Green Tea & Cucumber) as well as in 'Unscented.'

For the complete line up of Myni products we carry please visit our Myni Cleaners page.

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