Naked Swab

NakedSwab Reusable Swab


No more plastic cases, and no more plastic sticks. The NakedSwab Bamboo Collection is the better reusable, sustainable & sanitary alternative to Q-Tips.

Each box contains four bamboo swabs. The Naked Swab is built to last you up to 2,000 uses.

Just like a traditional cotton swab, NakedSwabs are NOT meant to enter canal. Entering the ear canal can cause injury.

What do you usually do when you’re done using a disposable cotton swab? 

Straws are not the only thing polluting our earth. Cotton swabs have also been part of the problem.

People tend to just toss them in the garbage but not many people know that cotton swab with wood or bamboo sticks can also be composted. We need to dispose of them properly if we’re going to use them.

Approximately 1.5 billion cotton swabs are being produced every hour, every day GLOBALLY. Some are being flushed down the toilet and some are being disposed of improperly. And imagine the damage cotton swabs with plastic sticks may cause to our environment. 


It takes 3.6 litres of water to produce and treat the cotton used in ONE conventional cotton swab.

It only takes 0.3 litre of water to wash one NakedSwab.

The sole purpose of the NakedSwab company is to help the planet get rid of single use items! 

Help the planet one swab at a time! There is no planet B. 


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