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Nature Bee Clean Foaming Hand Soap Tablets


Looking for a foaming hand soap concentrate? If so, you may be interested in these Nature Bee Clean Foaming Hand Soap Tablets that help you reduce your use of single use plastics by refilling your own hand soap.

This Canadian brand offers six regular options in hand soap tablets - bergamot lime, fresh lemon, honey clementine, sweet citrus, warm vanilla coconut as well as in unscented.

For a limited time they are also offering these foaming hand soap tablets in holiday scents - balsam fir, frosted berry, ginger cinnamon and vanilla mint.

Introducing limited edition holiday hand soap scents! These concentrated foaming hand soap tablets will dissolve into a clear solution to fit in seamlessly with anyone's home decor. 

1. Ginger Cinnamon blends the subtle spice of ginger with the warmth of vanilla and rich notes of cinnamon. 

2. Vanilla Mint infuses the refreshing essence of mint with notes of sweet vanilla. 

3. Frosted Berry captures the tangy scent of cranberry in a sugary-sweet blend. 

4. Balsam Fir mingles cool balsam fir with an earthy musk. Perfect for the holidays!

Each tablet once dropped into 250ml of water produces a beautifully scented, rich and moisturizing hand soap. 

If you don't have your own refillable foamer bottle, the BC based company has you covered with either a Starter Kit or clear glass foamer bottles (sold separately).

The cool thing about these concentrated foaming hand soap tablets is that instead of paying for water which is usually 90% of your cleaning products, the Nature Bee Clean company has concentrated their hand soap ingredients into a tablet form.

Simply drop a tablet into water, let it dissolve and then get cleaning your hands. 

Now every time you run out of hand soap instead of purchasing a new plastic pump bottle you just need another tablet.


Just fill your foaming hand soap pump bottle 250 ml of warm water, drop in your tablet, wait for the tablet to dissolve, then it is ready for use!

If you don’t have your own reusuable Nature Bee Clean glass bottle and want to use your own from home, simply rinse it out first and then use 250ml of water for hand soap and 500ml of water for multipurpose spray!

How long do I need to wait for the tablet to dissolve?

The dissolving process should take about 10-15 mins give or take!

Can I use boiling water?

Nature Bee Clean doesn’t recommend boiling hot water. Boiling water could cause pressure to build up and lead to a mess.

Can I shake the bottle to speed up the dissolving process?

No, we do not recommend shaking the bottle as this can cause pressure to build up inside your bottle and could lead to the liquid spraying out when you open it up.

Hand Soap Ingredients: Sodium C-14-16 OLEFIN SULFONATE (Creates a foamy and moisturizing lather and is a cleansing agent.), SODIUM BICARBONATE (Helps to remove dirt and grease.), CITRIC ACID (Helps to remove bacteria and balance PH levels. Acts as a general disinfectant.), Polyethylene Glycol (Used as an Adhesion agent as well as a moisturizer. Source: Organic Oils), SODIUM BENZONATE (Natural Preservative as well as it contains anti fungal properties and prevents bacterial growth.), Lactose Sugars (Holds the tablet together.), Plant Based Scents (Derived from Plant Extracts and gives the soap its natural scents.) and DISODIUM EDTA (Helps stabilize the formula and control the viscosity of the soap.)

The scented hand soap tablets can be purchased as part of a starter kit. Glass hand soap foamer pump bottles are also available individually by visiting our Nature Bee Clean product page.

Great scents | Effective formula | Better for the environment | Cost Savings 

With every refill tablet sold, the Nature Bee Clean community is essentially preventing one plastic bottle from entering the landfill/ecosystem. Our current society uses way too many single use plastics, and the Canadian company wants to provide consumers with a super easy to use, effective, and sustainable alternative.

 ***Buy 6 or more Nature Bee Clean Tablets and get them shipped for FREE***





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