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Nature Bee Clean Multi-purpose Cleaning Tablets


Love cleaning with a crisp and refreshing citrus scent? If so, you're bound to enjoy these Nature Bee Multi-purpose Cleaning Tablets.

These zero waste concentrated cleaner tablets come in three scent options - Sweet Citrus, Fresh Lemon and Bergamot Lime. They aid your sustainable cleaning efforts as you can refill and reuse a cleaning spray bottle you already have. Simply rinse it out and then add with one tablet and 500 ml of water. 

Need a refillable spray bottle? The Nature Bee Clean company also has you covered with either a single clear glass spray bottle or a Starter Kit that contains one glass spray bottle, a multi-purpose cleaning tablet and two glass foaming hand soap pump bottles and two foaming hand soap tablets. Learn more by visiting our Nature Bee Clean product page.

The cool thing about this multi-surface cleaner tablet is that instead of paying for water which is usually 90% of your cleaning products, the company based in Saanichton, BC has concentrated their hand soap and cleaner ingredients into a tablet form.

Simply drop a tablet into water, let it dissolve and then get cleaning - whether that be  your kitchen counters or any other household surface.

Now every time you run out of multi-purpose cleaner instead of purchasing a new plastic bottle you just need another tablet.

What surfaces can I clean with my multi-purpose spray?

The Nature Bee Clean multipurpose cleaner can be used on countertops, stove tops, all bathroom surfaces, walls, and most other hard surfaces. Please read the ingredients on your packaging and confirm that your surfaces are suitable for the spray cleaner.

How long do I need to wait for the tablet to dissolve?

The dissolving process should take about 10-15 mins give or take!

Can I use boiling water?

Nature Bee Clean doesn’t recommend boiling hot water. Boiling water could cause pressure to build up and lead to a mess.

Can I shake the bottle to speed up the dissolving process?

No, we do not recommend shaking the bottle as this can cause pressure to build up inside your bottle and could lead to the liquid spraying out when you open it up.

Multipurpose Cleaner Ingredients: Sodium Carbonate (Detergent Builder), DISODIUM EDTA (Helps stabilize the formula and control the viscosity of the soap.), Berol 226SA (Cleaner and Degreaser. Source Organic Surfactants), Tartaric Acid (Cleaning agent), Lactose Sugars (Holds the tablet together.), SODIUM BENZONATE (Natural Preservative as well as it contains anti fungal properties and prevents bacterial growth), Polyethylene Glycol (Used as an Adhesion agent as well as a moisturizer. Source: Organic Oils), Sodium C-14-16 OLEFIN SULFONATE (Creates a foamy and moisturizing lather and is a cleansing agent.) and Plant Based Scents (Derived from Plant Extracts and gives the soap its natural scents.)

***Buy 6 or more Nature Bee Clean Tablets and get them shipped for FREE***

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Denise Sandulak

I bought one tablet of the lemon all purpose cleaner and I love it. It cleans really well and smells amazing.

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