canadian made change toothpaste tablets in compostable packaging made in canada

Change Toothpaste Tablets

From $2.95
Earth Love canadian made zero waste all natural dishwasher tablets in 12 pack, box of 75 or box of 120

Earth Love Dishwasher Tablets

From $6.95
Set of 50 compostable flosser picks in a box made in canada by Change Toothpaste

Compostable Flosser

Three plastic free dental floss options from the Canadian brand etee - a stainless steel tube and floss,  a glass tube and floss or a 2 pack floss refill
On sale

Plastic Free Dental Floss

$11.95 $14.95
canadian made earth love natural laundry detergent tables in compostable packaging available in a 12 pack as well as 36 and 63 count brown cardboard boxes
On sale
Plastic free natural mascara kit available in brown or black made in Canada by Birch Babe

Plastic Free Mascara

From $9.95
Canadian made Birch Babe organic mouthwash in a 350 ml frosted glass bottle

Plastic-Free Mouthwash

Canadian made mineral suncreen with a broad spectrum spf 30 plus in fragrance free or coconut
On sale
seven shades of  lip and cheek tint made in canada by birch babe in absolutely fabulous (pink), backcountry diva (medium red), fireside temptation (dark purpleish red), ruby rebel (ruby red), sunset seeker (orange red), vacation mode with sun protection (copper gold), and vintage rose (dusty pink) made by birch babe and sold in 20 ml glass jars

Lip and Cheek Tint

natural spearmint tooth powder in a 10 ml tin made in canada by Birch Babe

Tooth Powder

From $9.95
individual loofah scrubber shown dry and what it looks like after being soaked in water

Loofah Scrubber

From $4.95
citrus cream deodorant paste in a 70 g glass jar made by the canadian brand etee
Sold out
Regular washing-machine maintenance that includes a washing machine cleaner like this Canadian made powder from etee helps to prevent buildup of nasties like soap deposits, dirt, mold & mildew

Washing Machine Cleaner

man lathering up her face with a bar of Canadian made Birch Babe round facial gluten free oatmeal cleansing soap

Facial Cleansing Bars

 aluminum free natural deodorant in compostable tubes made in canada by bottle none

Bottle None Deodorant


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