buy bird themed kattinatt swedish dishcloths in canada
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Kattinatt Swedish Dishcloths

$5.95 $6.95
Two Canadian made plastic free dish soap bars in a 100 g rough top or 85 g flat top version handcrafted in small batches sitting beside a plant

Dish Soap Bar

From $11.95
canadian made change toothpaste tablets in compostable packaging made in canada

Change Toothpaste Tablets

From $2.95
collection of fresh produce wet it cloths made in sweden

Wet It Cloths

From $6.95
natural vegan magnesium roll on deodorant made in canada

Vegan Roll On Deodorant

From $5.95
eight natural essential oil room and linen sprays in a 100 ml amber glass bottles with black spray tops with a black and white paper label made in canada by simply natural canada
On sale

Room and Linen Spray

$12.95 $14.95
enviromentally friendly scrubby made in europe

scrubEAZE Scrubby Cloths

From $3.99
Lavender lime, unscented and citrus sunshine natural dish soap concentrate made in Canada by etee comes in box of 3 compostable beeswax pods
On sale

Dish Soap Concentrate

$6.95 $24.95
canadian made natural essential oil stick deodorants in compostable tubes
On sale

Plastic Free Stick Deodorant

$9.95 $14.95
natural lip balm in compostable tube
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recycable decorative paper tape in a pretty wild herb pattern in brown or cream made by Goldrick Natural Living

Paper Tape

From $14.95
Three plastic free dental floss options from the Canadian brand etee - a stainless steel tube and floss,  a glass tube and floss or a 2 pack floss refill
On sale

Plastic Free Dental Floss

$11.95 $14.95
Flower Garden Saffron and Succulent Garden Blue Artisan 85 Swedish Dishcloths

Artisan 85 Swedish Cloths

From $6.95
Canadian made fresh mint toothpaste tablets made with NHAP, tea tree and xylitol come packaged in a 45 g glass jar (124 tablets), 22g (62 tablets) or 45g (124 tablets) compostable pouches.

TANIT Mint Toothpaste Tablets

From $11.95
Felted Soap Balls
Sold out

Felted Soap Balls

$3.95 $5.95
naturally unscented vegan soap made in canada in small batches
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Shaving brush
On sale

Shaving brush

$5.95 $9.95
Last Swab reusable cotton swabs in black cases with a beauty mirror option


From $3.95
square travel tin for shampoo conditioner body wash earh suds cubes
On sale

Earth Suds

$4.95 $7.95

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