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Natural zero waste sisal and loofah scrubber for your kitchen, bath and around your home

Sisal and Loofah

Looking to scrub your dishes with a natural fiber? Our collection of sisal and loofah products are ideal. We offer a sisal glove, pouch and cloth as well as loofah slices (coming soon).

Sisal is a natural fiber that comes from a sisal plant. Like sisal, loofahs are grown in nature (they are gourds in the cucumber family) and are also biodegradable. Each item is a natural scrubber whether it's in the kitchen, bath or around your home.

Sisal is softer than a loofah but both have their own merits when it comes to cleaning, scrubbing, exfoliating or gently massaging of the skin.

Depending on the texture you're looking for either side of the sisal glove, pouch or cloth can be used for removing food debris from dishes or to revitalize your skin.

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Biodedgradable wooden kitchen brush with replaceable head can easily maneuver to wash the inside of your jars or other reusable drink containers. Replacement heads sold separately.The bristles of this replaceable head kitchen brush are made of Tampico (from the Agave plant) and the handle is made of beechwood and metal.
Dish Brush Sale priceFrom $6.95
Biodegradable sisal soap saver bags for making the last of soap scraps and gently exfoliating your skinnatural biddegradable sisal soap pouch bag for gently exfoliating your skin, increasing soap lather and using up soap scraps
Sisal Soap Pouch Sale price$6.95
Simply add water to this Plastish oval dishwashing loofah sponge set of 2 for it to expandoval loofah slice become a compostable loofah sponge when soaked in water
Loofah Dishwashing Sponge Sale priceFrom $2.95
sisal glove mitt for exfoliating
Sisal Glove Sale price$8.95
Sold outSave $1.00Round Loofah SpongeRound Loofah Sponge
Round Loofah Sponge Sale price$2.95 Regular price$3.95
sisal and palm pot scrubber made by the Canadian brand PlantishThis sisal palm pot scrubber made by the Canadian brand Plantish pairs well with our best selling citrus dish soap bar and tray set
On saleindividual loofah scrubber shown dry and what it looks like after being soaked in watersix pack of zero waste unbleached expandable loofah scrubbers
Loofah Scrubber Sale priceFrom $4.95 Regular price$5.95
Multipurpose zero waste sisal and palm scrubber brush for cleaning vegetable, floors, tubs etc.Plantish oval vegetable scrubber brush made of bamboo, sisal and palm fibres
Vegetable Brush Sale price$8.95
Save $1.00sisal cloth for exfoliating skin and washing dishes
Sisal Cloth Sale price$7.95 Regular price$8.95
Loofah Shower Pad
Loofah Shower Pad Sale price$5.95
This small, powerful  100% biodegradable pot scrubber brush from the Make Nice Company is perfect for scrubbing dishes and soft enough to not scratch your favourite plate. The bristles of these biodegradable scrubber brushes are made of tampico (from the agave plant) with a beechwood base
Scrubber Brush Sale price$11.95
Save $30.00This myni personal care gift set comes in a  brown holiday box and is the perfect blend of indulgence and function. With a seasonally scented myni hand soap, shower gel, and candle, this Canadian made gift is designed to help you relax and indulge in comfort. This Canadian made myni personal care gift box is the perfect blend of indulgence and function. With a frosted fir scented hand soap, shower gel, and candle, it is designed to help you relax and indulge in comfort
myni personal care gift box Sale price$29.95 Regular price$59.95
Biodegradable natural loofah sponge set of 3 starts off  dehydrated and expands in size - just add water!
Loofah Sponges Sale priceFrom $2.95
Sold outThis bergamot lime kitchen scrubber gift set features a olive TEN and CO. sponge cloth and tea towel set, a refillable 236 ml bergamot lime hand soap in glass bottle, a white silicone soap dish, a grapefruit and orange dish soap bar and either a pot scrubber brush and comes in a brown kraft box