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Sisal and Loofah

Looking to scrub your dishes with a natural fiber? Our collection of sisal and loofah products are ideal. We offer a sisal glove, pouch and cloth as well as loofah slices (coming soon).

Sisal is a natural fiber that comes from a sisal plant. Like sisal, loofahs are grown in nature (they are gourds in the cucumber family) and are also biodegradable. Each item is a natural scrubber whether it's in the kitchen, bath or around your home.

Sisal is softer than a loofah but both have their own merits when it comes to cleaning, scrubbing, exfoliating or gently massaging of the skin.

Depending on the texture you're looking for either side of the sisal glove, pouch or cloth can be used for removing food debris from dishes or to revitalize your skin.