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Shaving Gift Set
Shaving Gift Set Sale price$59.95
sustainable home spa gift set with a sayula agave glove for gently exfoliating your skin, a foam sea sponge, a eucalyptus mint artisan vegan old soul company soap and a six pack of earth love eucalyptus shower melts in a brown cardboard gift box
Sold outsustainable coffee lover gift box featuring a coffee themed Swedish cloth as well as Canadian made coffee scrub and vanilla bean soaps and a handcrafted black walnut soap dish
Coffee Lover Gift Box Sale price$29.95
This citrus themed Orange Blossom Gift Set features some of our favourite sustainable products a Citrus Swirl Shampoo & Body Bar from Birch Babe, an 'Orange Blossom' Swedish Cloth from Ten and Co., a Soap Saver Bag from Cheeks Ahoy, a expandable Loofah Slice sponge, and a SNC Bergamot Orange refillable roll on deodorant packaged in a gift box.
Orange Blossom Gift Set Sale price$39.95
This Happy Camper essentials kit from the Old Soul Soap Company is everything the outdoor enthusiast needs from soap and shampoo to outdoor, after bite balm and a firestarter puck.
Happy Camper Collection Sale price$34.95
Eucalyptus Spa Gift Basket
Sold outThis gift box includes a Wet It 'Friends for Life' Swedish cloth, a SNC fragrance-free pet shampoo bar, a stinky dog spray, a pet soap with neem oil and a paw balm.
Friends for Life Gift Box Sale price$44.95
Included in this sustainable gift box is a pouch of Sleep Well shower steamers (5 pack), a salt soak (142 g) and a aromatherapy blend roller (10 ml) along with a Calm vegan artisan soap and a sea foam sponge. Pack of 5 Canadian made shower steamers from the Old Soul Soap Company. Place a shower steamer puck in the corner or bottom of your tub or shower, small amounts of water will activate the aromatherapy. Approximately 2-3 uses per puck.
Sold outThis dog themed gift basket includes a dog themed Swedish cloth from David Shaw Designs, a paw balm,  a pet soap with neem oil and a stinky dog spray in a metal basket with handles,
Dog Gift Basket Sale price$29.95
Sold outTake a Hike Gift Basket
Take a Hike Gift Basket Sale price$29.95
natural canadian made old soul soap company foot care collection featuring a salt soak, peppermint foot scrub, foot balm and foot spray in a white gift box
Tea Tree Hugger Gift Basket
Eucalyptus Deluxe Gift Box
Included in this sustainable gift box is a pouch of Warm Cedar shower steamers (5 pack), a cypress sage cider soap, a wood soap dish, a cedar fir wine soap and a sisal cloth for gently exfoliating your skin. Love all the smell of being in the woods? If so, you may enjoy this Warm Cedar Gift Box featuring natural products from the Old Soul Soap Company and Simply Natural Canada (SNC) which is like taking a winter walk in the woods.
Warm Cedar Gift Box Sale price$54.95
Fall Tree Gift Box
Fall Tree Gift Box Sale price$32.95
Autumn Soap Gift Box
Autumn Soap Gift Box Sale price$39.95
Beautiful handcrafted Canadian made 'wild flower' Old Soul Soap Company vegan soap, wood soap dish, sisal soap pouch body scrubber and Swedish sponge cloth with purple flowers on a white background in a gift box
Wild flower Gift Box Sale price$29.95
medium firm wood dry body bush, spearmint basil scrub soap and artisan 85 swedish cloth self care gift set
Free Spirit Gift Set
Free Spirit Gift Set Sale price$34.95