Last Object

LastTissue Laundry Bags


Could you use a laundry bag? These LastTissue Laundry Bags are an eco-friendly and sustainable washing bag for your LastObject rounds, tissues, and whatever else fits.

The LastObject laundry bags come in two sized - regular and large.

Keep your Laundry in Order
Use LastObject Laundry Bag to wash your LastRounds or LastTissues without them getting mixed with your other laundry. But please also use it to wash other reusable products that can help eliminate single-use items.
Wash & Reuse
Machine wash used LastRounds or LastTissues at 140°F / 60°C in the Laundry Bag. Each time you wash your reusable items you’re helping make the world a better place.
Multi-Sized & Organic Cotton
The LastObject Laundry Bag is made of 100% organic cotton aiming for environmental sustainability and the use of fewer resources. It comes in a Regular or Large Size to fit your needs.

Product description

  • Laundry Bag Large - for washing your tissues
  • One size
  • Weight 57 gram / 2.01 ounces


  • 100% Global Organic Cotton


Big Laundry Bag is designed in Denmark.

Design and Trademark protected globally.

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